Make a mark,

Make your mark!

Just start,

and make a difference.

Marking a mark is about taking the very first steps. It the first step in making taking an idea from just a thought and putting it in front of yourself. But it is also about the lasting impact of that idea, the difference you will make, your legacy.

As a leader, team engagement, client engagement, marketing, pitching an idea. 

Pauls Philosophy in making your mark on the world is to make it"

  • As simple as possible

  • As elegant as you can afford, in whatever currency or currencies are important to you.

    • Time​

    • Energy

    • Money

    • Status

    • Value

    • Attention

  • In a space that is safe for you, your staff or team, your clients or prospects or other stakeholders.

Be Bold, Brave, and at times, a little Quirky




  • Creative | Thinking Strategy

  • .Visual Story Telling for Business

  • Presentation skills 

inspire your audience with a peek into a whirly gig tour of a creative journey being Bold, Brave and a bit Quirky!

Group of one to one mentoring.

Creative | Thinker


Get Paul onboard as a Creative | Thinker in-residence, offering a combination of public and internal workshops, masterclasses and talks, as well as one to one and group mentoring.  Current availability 2 days a month. 

Meet Paul

Once described by a colleague as equal parts Zen and Espresso

"Paul Fairweather’s Think Rink was the perfect vehicle for inspiring our team to think of how they can contribute to Queensland Ballet’s bright future.

It was so fun, it didn’t feel like work!"

Anna Marsden - CEO, Queensland Ballet


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