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Pragmatism is the first step towards a Creative Solution."


Paul has had a career as a successful Architect, Artist, Designer, Inventor, Property Developer and CEO of an award-winning Architectural company. Once described by a colleague as equal parts zen and espresso, Paul understands that to make ideas happen it is a combination of both the creative and practical. Along the way of his unusual career, his curiosity has found him as co-founder of TEDxBrisbane, giving a three-minute talk on the main stage of TED, being a finalist in the Archibald Prize, writing a column in a monthly mag, singing, acting, and occasionally doing some standup comedy.


Paul distils his knowledge and expertise of the creative process to inspire people and businesses on how to take their ideas and vision to reality. He is about creating a brighter future for the benefit of all.

After over 20 years as a Co-founder of Fairweather Proberts, many of them as Managing Director, Paul took an extended sabbatical to refocus his creative energies  and explore different modes of collaborative practice.


Whilst Paul had been a driving force in the firm’s  commercial success as well as a developing its highly respected culture, he sensed that the changing technologies and shifting priorities of the younger generations meant that there were different opportunities in structuring a practice.


Paul found that whilst the more routine aspects of running a business and developing a great culture had their own unique levels of creativity, the energy required to make these aspects of the business both successful and sustainable meant that there was less energy to devote to more purely creative pursuits.


He also found that the constant attention required to balance the often creative skills/personalities with sustainable business outcomes interfered with the greater creative game.

Paul now focuses on the architecture of People, Leadership and Culture,.