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Keynote Speaking.  Practical Workshops.  Thinking.

A long and deep career in creative industries has given Paul a story that will inspire you to think in new ways, teaching you to apply your experiences and strengths. Paul will show you the creative foresight you didn't know you had.

Meet Paul

Paul is a Creative Thought Leader. 

Paul is a Thinker... and a DOER!

Paul has had a career as a successful Architect, Artist, Designer, Inventor, Property Developer and CEO of an award-winning Architectural company. Once described by a colleague as equal parts zen and espresso, Paul understands that to make ideas happen it is a combination of both the creative and practical. Along the way of his unusual career, his curiosity has found him as co-founder of TEDxBrisbane, giving a three-minute talk on the main stage of TED, being a finalist in the Archibald Prize, writing a column in a monthly mag, singing, acting, and occasionally doing some standup comedy.


Paul distils his knowledge and expertise of the creative process to inspire people and businesses on how to take their ideas and vision to reality. He is about creating a brighter future for the benefit of all.


Masterclass & Facilitation

Coaching and Mentoring


Let Paul inspire your team or audience to create

Better understand the creative process, learn how to better handle the anxiety associated with creativity, and learn how to apply creativity to your daily life and work.



How to build a creative and practical culture.

There is more to a creative culture than free dress Fridays, a ping pong table and an open bar policy. Learn how to create a culture that empowers the individual but stays aligned with the the pragmatic needs of successful business outcomes. 


  • How to ​satisfy the creative ambitions of your team, but still get stuff done. 

  • Understand true collaboration 

  • How to create a culture that retains and attracts the best staff 





The process of successfully taking an idea for a building from idea to handing over the keys is complex, involving many stakeholders and collaborators over an extended period of time responding to endless constraints and ideas. The skill that an architect has in driving this process to a successful outcome can also be applied to the design of teams and processes. It is a long road, but a fascinating journey.




​Understanding the stages for the creative process

    • Inspiration ​

    • Action 

    • Expression

  • Understand how to approach complex problems​

  • The importance of listening

  • How to have great ideas but still get stuff done

  • Learning how to respond to the fear inherent in the creative process

  • Learn how to successfully present your ideas




Learn the skills to deliver great keynotes and presentations 

Paul has coached over 50 TEDxBrisane speakers on how to deliver an impactful 18min talk. He is a well-respected presenter and occasional standup comic.

To have people sit and listen to you is a gift, so it is important to make it worth thir while.




  • The structure of a  great presentation 

  • How to add humour into your presentation

  • How to tell a story

  • How to Inspire an audience 

  • How to prepare great graphical collateral 

  • Getting over the fear of presentation

  • Technical Stuff


For Design Firms

Specialist offering for design firms to take their practice to a new level. With decades of practice at both a corporate and small practice level, Paul is the ideal external lens to help you see the blind spots 





  • Strategy

  • Winning Work

  •  Partnerships

  • Corporate Governance

  • Successional Planning

  • Creative Culture

  • Market Positioning

  • Presentation Skills

  • Brand

  • Teams



A picture is worth a thousand words.

Take a creative approach to rethinking your priorities. 

Be inspired to adopt a Creative Mindset to create a life where the boundaries are blurred between living and working. Create a body of " work" that incorporates all aspects of your life and inspires the best you every day. 




Hands-on pragmatic solutions to see a new success in your workplace.

Paul works with you and your team to integrate new practical techniques into your workplace. Each session is built from the ground up to support the existing culture.

Every individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back from reaching their highest potential. Paul provides expert advice and impactful motivation to start a new journey towards not only achieving your goals, but exceeding them.

"Paul Fairweather’s Think Rink was the perfect vehicle for inspiring our team to think of how they can contribute to Queensland Ballet’s bright future.

It was so fun, it didn’t feel like work!"

Anna Marsden - CEO, Queensland Ballet


Keynote Speaking & MC

Masterclass + Facilitation

Mentor + Coaching

Keynote Speaking.  Practical Workshops.  Thinking.

Paul is the Architect of Ideas. As an award-winning architect, and Archibald finalist, Paul unpacks a career of knowledge and creative experiences to inform new ways of problem-solving and inspires audiences to think differently about creativity.  A long and successful career in creative industries has given Paul a story that will inspire you to think in new ways, teaching you how to harness both your and your teams creativity. 

Personally tailored to your culture. Inspire positive change.

Paul's understanding of creative culture and business management underpins impactful and effective masterclasses that are designed to target issues or blocks specific to your workplace. 

The experience and expertise to push your business in the right Direction.

Designed for current and emerging leaders, Paul will equip you with the tools you need to lead the culture of your workplace and will inspire them  to a new capacity.

Anna Marsden

CEO, Queensland Ballet

"...the perfect vehicle for inspiring our team to think of how they can contribute to Queensland Ballet’s bright future.

It was so fun, it didn’t feel like work!"

Derek Skinner


"The ideas Paul shared inspired us to add a lot of ‘think outside the box’ into what we do everyday, and how small simple ideas can truly make a difference."

Troy Pearse

Creative Director, Render House 

“We’ve now got a clear, sustainable business strategy, better business skills, refined financial systems and goals, plus an annual growth of 75%.”

Speaking, Masterclasses & Facilitation


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